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Daniella Martins

Sales Supervisor & Compliance Associate

Daniella Martins is the sales supervisor and compliance associate at AZ Apice. Daniella leads the operations department and oversees pre and post-sales, ensuring effective and high-quality customer service to AZ Apice clientele.

Daniella has a law degree from Universidade Candido Mendes in Brazil. Her Law background facilitates meeting the complex compliance demands in the financial industry. Multicultural experience is an asset that Daniella brings to the team, which is key to understanding high-net-worth international clients' needs.

Prior to joining the AZ Apice team, she worked at commercial banks in the USA, managing premium clients' portfolios.

Since joining the team, she has delivered high-level, detail-oriented services ensuring a smooth flow of communication between clients, AZ Apice Capital Management, and the various custodial institutions.